Saturday, May 19, 2012

7 One Piece anime DVD from


For those of you who are interested in watching the One Piece DVD's, here's a link to my Amazon store. Since the dubs is from Funimations, it offer better overall quality and
voice acting.

Check out the link for more product details and customer review. Enjoy!

   Directed by Mike McFarland
                                                Price: $20.93

One Piece DVD: Collection Two 
 From Funimation Price: $20.93 

One Piece DVD: Collection Three 
 From FunimationPrice: $20.93

One Piece DVD: Collection Four
 From Funimation  Price: $21.93 

One Piece DVD: Collection Five
 From FunimationPrice: $22.99

 One Piece DVD: Adventures in Alabasta
Directed by Takahiro ImamuraPrice: $9.99
One Piece DVD: Collection Six
 Directed by Mike McFarlandPrice:  $21.59 


Most Helpful Customer Reviews
 Amazing April 24, 2012
Definitely not an expensive anime, awesome anime and I love it to bits! I have watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE(I used it watch it when I was younger but lost track and since last year I've gotten back to it and finished all 540+ episodes, I would KILL for this series and do anything for it! I just love it so much (;!!!!!!!
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