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17 Gurren Lagann anime figurine of Yoko Littner

These are figurines of Yoko Littner from the popular Gurren Lagann anime. Armed with a energy based sniper rifle, she is a formidable fighter in the war against the Spiral King.

Some of them depict the younger and sexier Yoko, while some figurine as Yomako, the teacher identity she took after the war ended.
Gurren Lagann Bounty Hunter of Mystery Yoko Littner 1/8 PVC Figure
USD 452.00


Review By Jay F. Grissom "JF" (San Diego, CA. USA)

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The quality of this product really can't be stated in words. Every attention to detail has been carefully executed. This and another statue I picked up from Alter here on amazon are the two highest quality pieces in my growing collection of Anime PVC figures.

The paint job is remarkably precise, it was shipped with a lot of care taken to prevent smudges during shipping. Really an amazing work, and a great piece to add to the collection.

Capcom Girl Collection Gurren Lagann Yoko 1/6 Figure
USD 76.99




           Yoko EX Figure Special Type-A
           USD 26.99

         Yoko EX Figure Special Type-B
   USD 79.99

                 Gurren Lagann Yoko Real Image Version Statue 
                 USD 399.99

Gurren Lagann Yoko Littner Swimsuit Version
USD 60.25


USD 74.95

Gurren Lagann: Yoko PVC Figure 1/8 Scale
USD 180.00

Reveiwed By Logan Morwood
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This version of Yoko, and there have been a few, is very well done. She is a good size to display, being big enough for lots of details on her clothes, and in her hair. She comes with her GIANT sniper rifle that is so big that it needs its own stand. That is really nice thinking for the future of the figure.
I am sure if the extra stand was not added, it would either bend her arm or the gun.

The figure also comes with a little Boota. He is sculpted to fit in Yoko's cleavage, where he seemed
to always end up. He does not stay there very well, and he is squished into a raindrop,
so he does not look good being on display with her.

Overall a fantastic sculpture. Her hair is amazing, and the paint apps are flawless.

Gurren Lagann Yoko Statue  
USD 284.00

Yomako Teacher 1/8 Figure [DreamTech]
USD 51.59

Yoko Space Look & Gunbee  1/5 Scale PVC Figure
USD 129.95

Yoko  - Crimson Chapter 1/ 6 PVC Figure
USD 220.95

                  Yoko Figure Revoltech Fraulein Volume 10
                 USD 132.00


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 Say Yes To Yoko! January 27, 2009
Reviewed By Fleaman
Durability:     Educational:     Fun:    
I'll make this review simple and pure. this toy is fun, she is a beautiful figure the paint job is the best i have ever seen on a mass manufactured toy.. i mean she looks JUST like the prototype.. 
you don't see that alot in the USA toys these days (aside from a few companys i know of)
all in all she is well worth the money and if you love Anime - Manga - Japanese culture - or Toys in General you would be a fool to pass this figure up.. she proudly sits on top of my computer in her tiny space saving collectors box.. i will be buying ALOT more fraulein revoltech figures you can bet on that

Gurren Lagann Yomako Teacher Ver. 1/8 PVC Figure 
USD 82.95

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Review By AmazonUser110011
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Durability:     Educational:     Fun:    
Alter figures are known for their quality, and this one is no exception. Yomako is the name the warrior Yoko takes when she becomes a teacher in the anime "Gurren Lagann."

This is a statue and not an action figure, so there is no articulation. But if you love anime statues, this is definitely one to consider. She is beautifully sculpted and detailed, and while she does have a sexy pose, she's not hyper-sexualized like her younger self is. It's a refreshing take on a powerful female character: one who was a warrior, is still portrayed as sexy even though she's "older", and actually gets to dress sensibly.

I can't wait for more figures from Alter to be made. This one gets high praises from me.

Yoko Space Look  - Version 1 
USD 60.00
Yoko Space Look - Special Color Version 
USD 311.00



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 YOKO!! February 16, 2011
By boxman
Amazon Verified Purchase
Durability:     Educational:     Fun:    
as a big yoko fan, i love this statue. its awesome details and her cute pose brings it all together. although the pic shows that the platform she's standing on is see-through, that's not what it really comes with it but is better (to me that is) its a white one with the gurren brigades logo on it.
seriously, this is worth every single penny ^^
Do leave some comments if you have already owned any of the Yoko figurines,
or if you came across a far better quality models compared to the ones featured here.

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