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Popular Anime of 2012 - Manga Sales Figure

Back when I first started my journey as an Anime fans, I have always wondered what are the good / entertaining / popular anime series out there? And how do I go about getting these info?

After countless hours Googling here and there, the conclusion is what some fans considered good or great, some other fans might even hated it. At the end of the day, It boils down to your very own personal preference.

So I have decided to check out the herd mentality - follow the crowds. Then decide if that particular anime series interest me. And what better way to do that than to follow the sales figure? I mean, if these people like the series bad enough to part with their hard earned money, there got to be something good about it, right?

So here it is, the list of popular anime series of 2012 based on Manga sales figure. I will link each series to it's Wikipedia details since i'm bad at writing lengthy review or information background on anime series  ^-^

( except for One Piece since I have already made a post on it's introduction )

Top Selling Manga of 2012 by series ( in Japan ) - sales from November 2011 to May 2012

No          Copies Sold                 Series                                  
1             13,833,116             One Piece

No          Copies Sold            Series                                  
2              3,081,822              Naruto

No          Copies Sold            Series                                  
3              2,721,003              Hunter X Hunter

No          Copies Sold             Series                               
4              2,684,223              Uchu Kyodai (Space Brothers)

No          Copies Sold            Series                               
5              2,316,005              Kimi Ni Todoke

No          Copies Sold           Series                                  
6              2,271,497              Fairy Tail

No          Copies Sold            Series                               
7              1,986,502              Bakuman

No          Copies Sold            Series                               
8              1,969,727              Kuroko No Basuke  ( Kuroko's Basketball )

No          Copies Sold           Series                               
9              1,725,725              We were there  ( Bokura Ga Ita )  

No          Copies Sold            Series                                  
10             1,715,410             Attack On Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin  )

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