Monday, July 2, 2012

Spiral Cats Cosplayer - Miyuko

Spiral Cats is a cosplay team consisting of 4 members - Tasha, Ren, Tomia & Miyuko.
Nothing much can be said about them, except on Cosplay gorgeousness scale from 1 - 10,
they'll be atleast 20! 

I know you are not listening to a word that I'm saying above Miyuko mesmerizing eyes, 
so without further ado, enjoy...

Macross Frontier Nurse Cosplay by Miyuko

I told you, right? 

This will be the first of many, many post featuring all of the Spiral Cats gorgeous cosplayers. 
Check out this excellent  interview  with the Spiral Cats by Anime Shrine, 
or another interview by Azubu.Com - Spiral Cats bring LoL to Life

Here are some info on Miyuko :

Country of origin: South Korea
Name:                  Yun Jin Kang
Stage Name:        Miyuko
Age:                      20
Birthday:               April 16, 1992
Cosplay Group:    Spiral Cats

Spiral Cats website:   ( in Korean )

Miyuko Facebook :  

Miyuko Blog :  

Here's the link to the other members of Spiral Cats - Tomia, Ren, Tasha

Drop me a comment if you love Miyuko too  ^-^

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