Sunday, January 6, 2013

Currently Watching - Btooom!

I am creating a new segment called "Currently Watching" - where I'll do a simple write up on the Anime series that I am currently watching. It's like a series review, only shorter.

So, currently, I am watching " Btooom!". Yeah it's sounded like a bomb, coz well, the series is about bomb. Or more specifically, killing your opponents with bombs. It's like the reality show "survivors" - with bombs to throw and kill other people. Yep, that's basically sump up the series...

Our hero is the usual loner / anti social dude, who plays the online game Btooom! most of the time. Then he was mysteriously kidnapped and end up in an island with a bunch of other people. Here, they are forced to play the Btooom! game for real in order to survive and get off the island. The blonde babe standing there is the series heroine. Naturally, she is well endowed  :-)

What I like about this series?

1. The Opening theme song is cool ( no pain, no gain from nano )
    * kinda sound like an exercise video huh?


2. I like the plot of the series. nuff said.

Though comparing the anime with the manga, it seems that the manga is more graphic in contents than the anime ( Adult theme ). You have been warned. 

Check out this anime, it's a good way to waste a couple of hours of your free time  :-)

Btooom! - Bathroom Poster [Himiko]

Khairul Nizam

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