Friday, January 4, 2013

Queen's Blade - Princess Menace Figurines

My favourite Queen's Blade character is the gorgeous Princess Menace. She's cute & sexy, deadly yet vulnerable. Add a perverted stick as a companion, you got a really interesting anime character. I have found only 4 Princess Menace figurines that are still available for purchase from Amazon, most of the good one from other online vendors are mostly sold out and unavailable. I listed them here as well...cause I love them :-)

Queen's Blade - Menace Swimsuit Version DX Figure

Side view of the figurine
Right Side view of the figurine

Back Side view of the figurine

Left Side view of the figurine
Love that she got the curve all in the right places!  She's so gorgeous huh?

Revoltech Queens Blade : #006 Menace
Personally I'm not into movable figures, cause I always end up screwing up a joint or something. Not to mention I don't really like the way the joints look. But since this is one of Princess Menace figure...

Kawaii !

The cool thing about this figure is that you could change it's expression and post as per what you want her to be  :-)

Queen's Blade - Menace Ancient Princess 1/7 Castoff PVC Figure

I just love how sweet her face looks...and yeah, that hot body!

Queen's Blade - Menace 2P Color Ver. Hobby Japan Exclusive

Among the 4 figurines from Amazon, this one is the most expensive of them all, fetching a price close to USD 400.00. No wonder because it's a gorgeous figurine. The irritating part is that there's only one blurry picture of it on Amazon. How do you expect to sell an expensive figurine with one blurry picture? Jesh. I might as well upload these picture to Amazon for their reference....

Side view of the figurine

Back view of the figurine
Sweet, huh?

These pictures of Princess Menace figurines I've found all over the net. They are sexy and gorgeous, unfortunately they are out of stock or unavailable. Do drop me a comment if you end up founding one that are available. Enjoy...

Khairul Nizam

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